What is the criteria for a student being enrolled at Lyrebird College?

To be eligible for enrolment at Lyrebird College, all students:

  • Must have a medical diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Must have A psychological diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • May have an associated development delay
  • Must be aged between 5 (by 1 May of their first year of schooling) and 18 years

What happens when there is a vacancy?

A vacancy may arise when:

  • a student moves from one program to the next because of his or her age or developmental progress
  • a student leaves Lyrebird College
  • a student graduates (is integrating independently at his or her local school)
  • additional places become available due to the availability of additional resources

When a vacancy arises the following will be considered when determining the enrolment of a student:

  • where the class vacancy exists
  • existing cohort and classroom dynamics of the class
  • age of student
  • parent commitment and involvement

Will I be given the opportunity to speak to my enrolment application?

Yes. Offer of a place is subject to an interview of parents/guardians and child. Following this the Admissions Committee will meet to determine offer of enrolment.