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Scholarships and Bursaries

We are pleased to offer a number of Needs Based Bursaries to students whose families could not otherwise afford a Lyrebird College education. Bursaries of up to 50% of the annual College fees are payable for a specified duration. In exceptional circumstances the College may be in a position to offer more than a 50% reduction in fees.

Applications will be considered the year before the required commencement year with all bursaries being means tested.

Bursaries are awarded at the discretion of the Principal. Lyrebird College reserves the right to not award bursaries in a given year.


To be eligible for a Needs Based Bursary, students must be eligible for enrolment at Lyrebird College.

The ongoing receipt of a Needs Based Bursary will be subject to an annual financial review process.

Application requirements

Applicants must submit the Enrolment Application Form, Bursary Application Form and Financial Questionnaire to be considered for a Needs Based Bursary.

  • Enrolment Application Form – Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the Lyrebird College Enrolment Policy and complete the Enrolment Application Form, providing all supporting documentation required.
  • Bursary Application Form – Applicants must provide all requested information and sign the declaration.
  • Financial Questionnaire – The financial questionnaire is to be appended by required supporting documentation. Incomplete applications may not be accepted. Applicants may wish to seek assistance from an accountant when completing the questionnaire.

A copy of the Bursary Application Form and Financial Questionnaire is available upon request via our Contacts page.

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